Optional credit card services

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Transaction query

  • credit limit
  • funds available
  • unpaid amount
  • instalment percentage
  • due date and amount of the next bill
  • due date and amount of the previous bill
  • reference rate
  • total interest

The MasterCard, FlexiCredit and Kulutusluotto transaction query is provided by Nordea Finance. The Visa transaction query is provided by Luottokunta.

Transfer from credit

You can transfer funds from a MasterCard, Visa card, FlexiCredit or consumer credit to your bank account under Cards / Transfer from credit card. The funds are available on your bank account right away after you have confirmed the transfer.

After taking into use the transfer function you can also pay safely for online purchases with Nordea’s e-payment directly from MasterCard and Visa card and from FlexiCredit or consumer credit.