Nordea's information security solutions

Netbank and access codes allow Nordea to offer secure banking services. On this page we describe the most important data security solutions in banking services used with Nordea’s access codes.
By keeping the data security of computers and telephones up-to-date and by being vigilant, you can influence the protection of your data and the validity of your transactions.

Netbank sessions

Session time-out

A Netbank session will automatically close after 15 minutes if you do not use Netbank. If it takes more than 15 minutes to fill in a card application, for example, the session is interrupted and you have to fill in the information again. You can postpone the time-out by moving from one page to another in Netbank, for example. Time-out prevents the unauthorised use of connections that are accidentally left open.

Encrypted connection

The connection between the bank and the customer’s computer is securely encrypted by using TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption, which is a commonly used connection encryption method. It prevents third parties from viewing the information you send and receive. NB! In a secure connection, the address in the browser's address field  begins with the letters https://.
The connection is not secure if the address begins with http://.


Netbank sessions are controlled with cookies. At the beginning of a session, a cookie known only by the bank is saved in the cache memory of your browser. Together with the TLS encryption, cookies prevent third parties from viewing your information. When you exit Netbank by clicking the Log out button, cookies are deleted from the cache memory of your browser.