How can I protect myself against swindlers?

We encrypt the connection and use cookies in order to make online banking safe and smooth.

Take the following precautions to ensure data security:

  • The newest browsers allow you to activate an alert for pages identified as phishing.
  • Do not send confidential personal or banking information by regular e-mail. Only send it from a secure website where messages are encrypted. Regular e-mail is not encrypted; it corresponds to sending a postcard which anyone can read. Ensure that the website is encrypted and runs in secure mode: check that the browser bar has a padlock icon before sending confidential information.
  • The Mail function inside Netbank is a secure way to communicate with us. Do not send sensitive personal or financial information in an open e-mail because it has not been encrypted.
  • Do business only with companies you know and trust.
  • Monitor your account and card transactions. Review your order confirmations, credit card bills and account statements as soon as you receive them. Make sure that you are only charged for transactions you have made. If you notice errors in your account details, report them immediately by calling Nordea Customer Service.
  • Avoid distributing your e-mail address on the Internet.