Electronic gift voucher


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You don't need to visit a Nordea branch to purchase a gift voucher: you can now purchase one conveniently online.

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Order a gift voucher conveniently via Netbank

All you have to know of the recipient is their name. If you have access codes, you can place an order right away. 

If the voucher recipient has access codes, they can redeem the voucher in Netbank. If not, it must be redeemed at a Nordea branch.

Benefits from using the electronic gift voucher

  • Order one at your convenience.
  • Key Customers and Preferred Customers get a discount in proportion with the combined amount of their banking.
  • Can be redeemed in the Netbank which means that the cash is immediately available.
Picture gallery Plurchase a gift voucher

If you have access codes, you can place an order in Netbank

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