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Wrapp is a free-of charge reward app for a mobile device, enabling you to receive refunds and prizes for the purchases you make. The app opens up doors for you to access many kinds of offers, individual stamp cards and new places to do your online purchases. You can connect all Nordea’s bank and credit cards that you like to the app. The Wrapp app is supplied by Wrapp Operations Finland Oy.

How to start using the Wrapp reward app This is how Wrapp works Contact us How to start using the Wrapp reward app

What you should do

Wrapp appTo be able to start using the app, you have to download it, give your consent to disclosing your information to Wrapp and register your card for the app. After this, you will be ready for making smart purchases and saving money for the rainy day.

The use of the app requires:

  • a smart phone (Android or iOS),
  • at least one Nordea card (credit or debit),
  • Nordea's access codes and
  • the user to be at least 18 years of age.

How to connect your card(s) to the app:

1.   Download Wrapp from Apple's AppStore or Android's Google Play.

2.   Enter your phone number in the app. The activation code will be sent as an SMS to your phone.

3.    Enter the code in the app and supplement your user information.

4.    Give your consent and connect Nordea's bank or credit card to the app.

Now the Wrapp reward app functions together with your card!

This is how Wrapp works

What you should do

1.    Open the Wrapp reward app.

2.     Browse the offers on the front page.

3.     Activate the offer that interests you by opening it.

4.     After this, you will pay in the shop as usual with the card connected to the app.

5.     After having made the purchase, you will get a refund from your purchase to your account within 1-7 days.

The offers are updated continuously. By browsing the front page of the app, you can easily find tips about shops that are new to you and benefits targeted at you.

Contact us

What you should do

For questions related to the app, please contact the Wrapp Customer Service via e-mail: moc.pparw@troppus