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Online payments

With the increasing popularity of online payments, we want to offer you a secure way to pay with your card on the Internet.

You can make online purchases with your Nordea MasterCard and Visa card when you register your card for online payments. The free-of-charge registration is convenient, you can do it

  • in Netbank under Cards
  • at a Nordea branch
  • by calling Nordea Customer Service (identification with access codes required)

We recommend that you only do your shopping on the websites of merchants who participate in a service for secure payment like MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa.


Mitä ovat MasterCard SecureCode ja Verified by Visa?

MasterCard SecureCode ja Verified by Visa ovat Internet-maksamisen turvallisuutta parantavia palveluja. Kansainväliset korttiyhtiöt MasterCard ja Visa ovat kehittäneet ne yhteistyössä. Palveluissa todennetaan ostohetkellä maksun molemmat osapuolet: ostaja ja kauppias.

Tehdessäsi ostoksia MasterCard SecureCode- tai Verified by Visa -palveluun liittyneen kauppiaan sivuilla syötät ensin kortinnumeron, voimassaoloajan ja turvakoodin. Lopuksi vahvistat ostoksen Nordean pankkitunnuksillasi tai konttorista erikseen tilattavalla kiinteällä salasanalla. Syöttämäsi tiedot, esim. pankkitunnukset, eivät välity kauppiaalle. Kauppias saa vain vahvistuksen tunnistuksen onnistumisesta myyntiluvan muodossa.

Palveluihin voi liittää Nordean MasterCard-, Nordea Electron-, Nordea Debit- ja First Card -kortit. 

Registering for the service without access codes

If you do not yet have access codes, you can register for the MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa service by filling in the registration form and by returning it to Nordea branch.

MasterCard SecureCode registration form (pdf, 1 MB)Opens new window

Verified by Visa registration form (pdf, 1 MB)Opens new window

Registering a card of a minor for the service

If you are a minor and have a Visa Electron, Visa Debit, MasterCard, you can register your card for the online payment service with a separate registration form. If you want, you can fill in the form beforehand at home but you must visit a branch to get the card registered for the service. Bring at least one of your guardians with you to the branch. You also need a power of attorney signed by your other guardian.

Minor's card registration for MasterCard SecureCode service (pdf, 987 KB)Opens new window

Minor's card registration for Verified by Visa service (pdf, 1 MB)Opens new window

Security limits

Security limits

As a rule, the security limits refer to daily limits for cash withdrawals and payments at ATMs.

Cash withdrawal limit

Choose a cash withdrawal limit between 0 and 10,000 euros a day.

The cash withdrawal limit includes cash withdrawals from your bank account or your credit account made in Finland and abroad. In addition, cash withdrawals from the bank account made at store checkouts are included in the cash withdrawal limit.

NB. The cash withdrawal limit with the following cards applies separately for cash withdrawals from credit account and separately for cash withdrawals from bank account in case of combination cards (credit/debit). If you for instance choose a security limit of 100 euro a day, you can withdraw during the same day 100 euro from your credit account and 100 euro from your bank account, meaning 200 euro a day with a combination card.:

  • Nordea Credit (card number beginning with 522841)
  • Nordea Gold (card number beginning with 522580)
  • Nordea Black (card number beginning with 539670).

Payment limit

Choose a payment limit between 0 and 50,000 euros a day.

The limit includes all payments made at Nordea's payment ATMs in Finland that are debited immediately from the bank or credit account. In addition, the payment limit includes all purchases made with Nordea Electron cards in Finland and abroad.

You should set the security limits according to your normal daily needs. If necessary, they can easily be changed later in Netbank and Mobile Bank.

Card usage areas

Card usage areas

You can limit the use of your card. Limiting the use increases security, as the card can only be used in the places you have authorised. The limited use applies to card payments and cash withdrawals at ATMs but not to online purchases.

We recommend that you set Finland as your card usage area and change the setting as necessary, for the duration of a trip, for example.

You can change your country limit easily in Netbank under Cards > Usage areas and Internet. You can also change the setting by calling Nordea Customer Service and identifying yourself with your access codes or by visiting any Nordea branch.

There are four alternatives to select from

  • Finland
  • Estonia and the Nordic countries: Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland
  • Europe*
  • The whole world
*By choosing Europe as your geographical limitation, you can use your card in the following countries:
Norway (incl. Bear Island)Liechtenstein
Denmark (incl. Faroe Islands and Greenland)Lithuania
CyprusSan Marino
Czech RepublicSlovakia
GermanySpain (incl. Canary Islands)
Holy See (Vatican City)Turkey
HungaryUnited Kingdom (incl. Channel Islands, Gibraltar and Isle of Man)
Instructions for card use

Instructions for card use

  • Never keep the card and PIN in the same place. Always memorise the PIN. Do not let other people see the PIN when you are keying it in at ATMs or other places of use.
  • Never surrender the card’s number or its PIN via telephone, e-mail or in any other way when asked, even if inquirers present themselves as the bank’s employees or police officers.
  • You can set daily security limits for your card that govern cash withdrawals at ATMs and bill payments at payment ATMs to increase the security of card use. Define the limits when you pick up your card at a branch. It is also possible to change the limits in Netbank, by calling Nordea Customer Service or by visiting a Nordea branch.
  • Keep your card as safely as you keep your cash. Do not leave it unattended in a car, on a restaurant table, or in your office or hotel room.
  • Always check the total sum before you sign a sales receipt.
  • You can follow your card use by comparing the sales receipts with your account statement or credit card invoice.
  • Check regularly that you have not lost your card.

Advice on cards

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Pay safely online

If you want to go shopping on the Internet, register your card for online use.

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Many alternatives

You can apply for a card in Netbank, at a branch or by calling Nordea Customer Service.