Price revisions to come

Revisions to personal customers' card tariff as of 1 December 2015 
ItemisationNew price
Cash withdrawals from bank accounts outside the EU countries or in the EU countries where the currency is not the euro:
Cash withdrawals from bank accounts at ATMs or branches made with Nordea Debit or Electron cards or with the debit facility of Nordea Gold, Credit, Premium or Platinum combination cards and Finnair Plus, League and Stockmann MasterCard combination cards*
2 € + 3 %
Cash withdrawals, bill payments and transfers from credit card:
Cash withdrawals at ATMs and branches, bill payments at Nordea's payment ATMs and transfers in Nordea's Netbank, Mobile Bank and eService made with the credit facility of Nordea Gold, Credit, Premium, Platinum, Finnair Plus, League, Stockmann or TUOHI Master Card**
2 € + 3 %
* Cash withdrawals at Otto. ATMs in Finland and at Nordea’s ATMs in Norway, Sweden and Denmark still free of charge. The fees for cash withdrawals in euros from bank accounts at ATMs in the EU Member States in the euro area and withdrawals in Swedish krona in Sweden will not change.
** The pricing of the Transfer service with TUOHI MasterCards will not change.