Credit or debit?

kortit-credit-vai-debit-kuvituskuvaWhen you pay with a debit card, the purchase or cash withdrawal is debited to your bank account.

When you pay with a combination card, you must select whether your want your purchases and cash withdrawals debited to your credit facility (credit) or directly to your bank account (debit).

You can use a debit card and a combination card (credit/debit) both in Finland and abroad.

Paying in Finland and abroad

A combination card (credit/debit) is accepted in all shops that carry the Visa or MasterCard logo. Visa Electron is accepted in shops that carry the Visa Electron logo.

When paying, you can choose whether to charge purchases to your credit facility (credit) or directly to your bank account (debit). It is possible to do this abroad if the payment is made at a chip card terminal and signed with the PIN. If the merchant does not have a chip card terminal, purchases abroad are charged to your credit facility.

How to pay at a payment terminal

  • insert the card into the chip card reader
  • choose the payment method (credit or debit)
  • check the total sum of the purchase and
  • accept the payment by keying in your PIN and pressing OK/Enter.  The PIN replaces your signature.

Cash withdrawals in Finland and abroad

When you withdraw cash at an ATM with a combination card (credit/debit) in Finland or abroad, you must select whether the amount is charged to your credit facility or bank account.

The services of ATMs can vary from country to country. The ATM will show you the available alternatives. When abroad, you can also withdraw cash from the credit facility or your bank account at bank branches carrying the Visa or MasterCard logo.

Online shopping

You can also use your card for shopping on the Internet. If you have a combination card (credit/debit), you must choose whether the purchase is charged to the credit facility or directly to your bank account. The debit card number and a three-digit CVC2/CVV2 security code are on the back of the combination card.

Online shopping requires that you have registered your card for online use.

Advice on cards

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Pay safely online

If you want to go shopping on the Internet, register your card for online use.

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Many alternatives

You can apply for a card in Netbank, at a branch or by calling Nordea Customer Service.