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Product Safety Insurance

Product Safety Insurance provides additional cover for your card purchases when products that are purchased to be used indoors at your permanent or leisure home are paid in full with a Nordea credit card. Product Safety Insurance provides cover in the event of damage or breakdown of the insured object in accordance with the insurance terms and conditions. The purchase price of the insured object must be at least 100 euros and paid in full with the card’s credit facility.

Nordea’s MasterCard Credit, MasterCard Gold, MasterCard Premium, MasterCard Platinum, Union MasterCard cards include Product Safety Insurance.

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Travel insurance

Travel insurance

As a valuable additional benefit Nordea Gold cards have travel insurance for trips abroad, which includes the following important insurance covers:

  • travel illness and travel accident covers with related transportation
  • luggage insurance
  • indemnities for waiting in case of delayed luggage or flights
  • cover for cancellation of the trip
  • indemnity for liability damage
  • cover for interruption of the trip and
  • cover for late arrival to a trip or to a connection.

The insurance is valid on leisure trips when no less than 75% of the total travelling and accommodation costs have been paid with the card’s credit facility.

The travel insurance included in the Gold cards is in force on trips abroad for a period of up to three months. All Nordea MasterCard Gold holders between the ages of 16 and 78 and their family members travelling with them are insured according to the insurance terms.

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The insurance is granted by AIG Europe Limited (Finland Branch), address Kasarmikatu 44, 00130 Helsinki, tel 020 366 900. Mon - Fri 9 - 21, Sat 10 - 16

If you are travelling to a country which requires a separate certificate on travel insurance, please contact insurance company Chartis's customer service, tel 020 366 900.

Emergency cash

Emergency cash

Card lost or stolen while abroad? Nordea's emergency cash is intended for exactly this kind of unexpected moments when you are in quick need of cash.

If your card is lost or stolen, call the lost card reporting service at +358 20 333 immediately. Please also report if you need emergency cash during the call.

How does emergency cash work?

  • You can ask for emergency cash if your Nordea Gold card is lost or stolen.
  • The maximum amount is your card’s available credit limit (but not more than USD 3,000)
  • Your emergency cash will be delivered to a local MasterCard agent, such as a local bank or Western Union.
  •  Normally you will receive your cash within 24 hours.
  • The normal cash withdrawal fees are charged for emergency cash.
  • The sum withdrawn and the fees will be added to your next invoice.

 What do I do if I need emergency cash?

If you need emergency cash, contact our Help Line (24h) tel. +358 9 696 4696.

Advice on cards

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Pay safely online

If you want to go shopping on the Internet, register your card for online use.

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You can apply for a card in Netbank, at a branch or by calling Nordea Customer Service.