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Nordea cards are easy to use while on summer holiday

Ensure the success of your summer holiday and check that you are using the card and the related services you will need. Your card is also useful when travelling since all Nordea cards are functioning globally in card payments and at cash ATMs.

Before your holiday, please keep in mind the following points:

  1. You should pay your trips and other purchases that must be paid beforehand with the credit facility of a Nordea card. Nordea MasterCard Gold comes with continuous travel insurance for trips abroad if at least 75% of the travelling and accommodation costs have been paid with the card’s credit facility.
  2. You can apply for a raise to your Nordea card’s credit limit in order to ensure that your holiday resources will be sufficient. Please remember that you should not leave your holiday trip on one card only. See our comprehensive card selection and make a card order easily in Netbank under Cards.
  3. You can contribute to the security of your card use in many ways. Make sure that no third parties can learn your card PIN. You can change the geographical restriction on your card in Netbank or Mobile Bank before and after your trip. Remember to tailor the daily security limit to your needs. If you lose your card, call the blocking service immediately (tel +358 20 333).
  4. If you forget your PIN during your holiday, you can check what it was in your Netbank. Before you leave home for holidays, download the Nordea Mobile and Codes apps on your phone, and you can use them for tending to all your card- and account-related matters.

Did you know

If you have purchased a product of at least 100 euros for your home or holiday home with your Nordea Credit or Nordea Gold card’s credit facility, you are entitled to the Product Safety Insurance linked to the card.

All cards

Nordea Gold

The card for even bigger purchases

With your Nordea Gold card, you can pay larger purchases and enjoy comprehensive insurance cover.

Nordea Credit

Flexibility for your everyday finances

Nordea Credit brings flexibility to your finances. Product Safety Insurance provides additional security for your purchases.

Nordea Debit

Pay your purchases at the checkout with touching your card on the reader

With the contactless payment feature, you can pay your purchases of less than 25 euros handily without keying in the PIN.

Nordea Electron

A payment card with no age limit

Nordea Electron is a secure means for using an account and it also suits the children in the family.

Stockmann MasterCard

With this card you always have access to your loyalty benefits

Stockmann MasterCard without an annual fee is a convenient way to make use of Stockmann's loyal customer programme benefits.

Finnair Plus MasterCard

A credit card for globetrotters

With Finnair Plus MasterCard you accrue your Finnair Plus points from every credit card purchase.

TUOHI MasterCard

For paying even larger purchases

TUOHI MasterCard is a charge and credit card. PriceGuard Insurance guarantees the cheapest prices on the market.

Advice on cards

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Pay safely online

If you want to go shopping on the Internet, register your card for online use.

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Many alternatives

You can apply for a card in Netbank, at a branch or by calling Nordea Customer Service.