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Nordea offers its customers an extensive network of different kinds of ATMs for all types of banking.

Nordea Customer Service

TalletusOtto -ATM

An easy way to deposit cash to an account

At a TalletusOtto ATM you can deposit cash to an account linked to your card and withdraw money as before.

Otto. -ATM

An ATM for withdrawing cash

The new Otto. - ATMs offer instructions to the visually impaired on how to use the ATM through an earpiece connection

OttoPlus ATM

ATM for withdrawing and depositing banknotes

You can withdraw cash from OttoPlus ATMs in the same way as from the other Otto. ATMs. The new ATM is similar to the other Otto. ATMs, but as a new feature it enables the deposit of banknotes.

Netbank terminal

Online services available to you

As a Nordea customer, you can use customer computers at our branches that provide access to Netbank.

Payment ATMs

At a payment ATM you can pay bills and monitor your account transactions

To use a payment ATM you need a Nordea chip card with a PIN.

Advice on online services

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Information security

Topical news, guidance and links on secure online banking.