The e-salary is an electronic payslip which you can view through Netbank.

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An environmentally-friendly option to receive payslips

Ask your employer if it can provide payslips electronically. You will only need access codes to use the e-salary.

The e-salary link is available in Netbank under Accounts. Click the link to browse your payslips. See the instructions below.

Your benefits:

  • The electronic payslip is available irrespective of time and place 24/7/365.
  • The electronic payslips are stored for 18 months. They can be viewed also after your employment has ended.
  • The e-salary is safe, as you can only view it through Netbank.

Price of E-salary for Key Customers
E-salary0,00 €

Price of E-salary for Preferred Customers
E-salary0,00 €

Price of E-salary for Check-in Customers
E-salary0,00 €

Normal price of E-salary
E-salary0,00 €
Terms and conditions

Advice on accounts and payments

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Account statements delivered to your Netbank

If you have Nordea’s access codes, you can sign up for the electronic account statement and give up the paper version.

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International Bank Account Number and Bank Identifier Code.