Disposal Account

An account for daily banking. Choose a Disposal Account for your salary, pension, child allowance or other recurring payments and complement it with suitable services from our extensive service range.

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  • The balance of the account is included when determining if you qualify as a Preferred or a Key Customer
  • You can use the account for managing your assets
  • You can link environmentally friendly electronic services to your account, such as
    • account statement in Netbank
    • e-invoice
    • ePiggy
  • The account is covered by the deposit guarantee.

Interest calculation method

The interest rate is calculated on the lowest book balance of the month according to actual calendar days using 365/366 as the divisor. 

Payment of interest

The deposit interest is paid to the account annually during the month following the month in which the account was opened.

Using the account

Using your account is easy: log into Netbank, call our Customer Service and identify yourself with your access codes or visit one of our branches.


In Finland, the deposit interest paid on accounts is subject to tax-at-source.


Monthly account fee
Normal Price2,00 €
Preferred Customer0,00 €
Check-in Customer0,00 €
Key Customer0,00 €

Deposit Interest and additional interest on a Disposal Account 
Deposit interest on Disposal account0,00%
Additional interest on Disposal account
Terms and conditions Open an account for a school class

Open an account for a school class at the nearest Nordea service branch. To open and use the account you must provide the bank with a specification stating the following:

  • what is the purpose of the account
  • who is authorised to open the account (the opener must be of age)
  • how the account will be used
  • who is authorised to close the account.

The account for a school class will be a Disposal Account and you can link the following services subject to a charge to it:

  • Printed account statement
  • The account can be linked as a viewing and payment account to the accountholder's personal Netbank service
  • It is always a good idea to link a card to the account. Depositing funds at a deposit ATM is easy with the card.

Accounts and services for unregistered organisations are opened under personal customerships.

Advice on accounts and payments

Woman in striped shirt by computer 

Account statements delivered to your Netbank

If you have Nordea’s access codes, you can sign up for the electronic account statement and give up the paper version.

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International Bank Account Number and Bank Identifier Code.