Youth 13-17 years

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Nordea Electron and access codes

Nordea provides services for easy and safe banking.

Everyday finances Banking services for the underaged Saving Everyday finances

Nordea provides services for easy and safe banking.

Current account for salary and pocket money

A bank account is the basis for handling your finances. Deposit your weekly pocket money or salary from a summer job to a current account. For larger deposits, we recommend a savings account with higher interest.

Access codes make banking easy

When you have turned 15, access codes allow you to bank in Netbank and over the phone. You can check your account balance, make account transfers and pay bills, among other things.

Visa Electron is accepted everywhere

A Visa Electron card is an excellent addition to your current account. The card allows you to pay for shopping from your bank account and to withdraw cash at ATMs in Finland and abroad. You can determine daily payment and withdrawal limits for your card. When you use your card, a cover reservation in the amount of the purchase or withdrawal is made to your account.

Banking services for the underaged

If you are under 18, you usually need your parents’ or guardians’ consent for making agreements on banking services.
However, if you are 15 or older and you have earnings

  • you can open a Disposal Account at a Nordea branch for your earned income. You can also decide who has the right to use the account.
  • you can link access codes and a Visa Electron card to your current account. They are free for under 18-year-olds.
  • you can open a PerkAccount at a Nordea branch.

When you turn 18, it is a good idea to sign up as a Check-in Customer so that most of your everyday services will continue to be free and you get other valuable benefits and advice.


Saving is the way to make your dreams come true

Are you dreaming of a new digital camera, a bike or the latest mobile phone model? We recommend opening a savings account where your money will accrue interest. You can make deposits once a month or whenever you have extra money. 


If you and your family are registered in the Customer Programme, you can open a PerkAccount for saving. The interest and fees on your PerkAccount are determined according to your family's Customer Programme level.