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Forestry is part of asset management. Nordea Forest is a free of charge service for our customers who own forest. It provides you with information on finances related to forest and puts you in contact with forestry experts.

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Nordea Forest is a meeting place for forest owners where they can come together and exchange experiences. Various kinds of forest-related events, regional events and forest taxation events are very popular.

If you already own forest or will do so in the future or if you are a forestry professional, you can let us know of your interest in forestry with the form on this page, by stopping by one of our branches or by calling Nordea Customer Service. We will add your name to our Nordea Forest register which already includes 45,000 customers.


has been offering short courses to forest owners for approximately 30 years now. You can also complete a Further Qualification for Forestry Entrepreneurs. The qualification is intended for current and future forest owners who want to acquire basic information on forestry. 

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Innofor Finland Oy

offers you various forestry-related services. For members of Nordea Forest, Innofor offers:

  • a meeting free of charge - also in the forest  
  • a free forestry contract
  • seasonal discounts.

More information is available:


Suonentieto Oy

provides you with an accounting programme for the easy management of financial statements related to forestry and forest taxation. The corporate version 1 costs only 79 euros + VAT for Nordea Forest members (normal price 158 euros + VAT). Mention the code 'Nordea Forest' when placing your order. Suonentieto also offers multi company versions.

Place an order by calling the Suonentieto sales team at 017 264 2642 or send an e-mail to You can download a free demo at under the Demo tab.


Stora Enso Oyj

offers you a free survey of your forest in the company's area of operations in Finland.

More information is available from Stora Enso's wood procurement and by calling 020 4621360..



supports you all the way from your first steps as a forest owner to the eventual handing over of the forest to the next generation. If you are a new forest owner, Metsäliitto would be happy to go through your forestry needs and tell you about their member benefits. As a member, you can utilise all the services of your cooperative and get a bonus on top of the timber price.

Go to or call MetsäSoitto at 010 7770 to find the contact nearest to you.


UPM-Kymmene Metsä

offers you a free survey of your forest in which you will receive advice on the management of your forest.


offers you a free survey of your forest. The survey focuses on urgent forestry needs and logging opportunities. More information from the local wood procurement team at  or by calling 020 553 40. 

The minimum size for the survey is five hectares.


More information on locally agreed benefits is available at your local Nordea branch.

Value of forest

Owning forest is a good way to diversify your investment portfolio. The prices of forest vary greatly between different regions. The location of the forest, logging opportunities, shoreline and road network among other things play a role in defining the price of forest.

You can see the purchase prices of forest by region and by average acreage in the database updated by the Finnish Forest Research Institute.
Other factors which can influence price include hunting rights, the selling of soil or expectations having to do with zoning.

Return on forest

Make detailed plans when you are selling timber

The selling of timber is part of forestry. In the long term, you get the best return by logging at the right time judging from the perspective of forest management. A forestry plan helps you to plan logging and other management activities. Forestry companies buying and processing timber will help you to plan your timber sales.

In addition to forestry services, forestry societies also offer timber sales services. The state supports forest improvement and nature management. Supported forestry and forest improvement activities include management of young forest, harvesting of energy wood, drainage for forest improvement, building of forest roads and chipping. Support is also granted for some other activities.

Additional information on supported activities and conditions is available on the website of the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Making plans for your investment is a forest owner's first priority

The objective of saving and investing is to maintain or accrue capital. A clear investment plan helps you to achieve your goals. All investors should take a minute and think about their goals and plans. Nordea's specialists will go through your needs and expectations in detail. On the basis of this data, they draft an individual investment recommendation.


Research, experience, nature management, education and training and the exchange of opinions help create sound forestry.
Regional forest programmes promote the general and regional development of forestry. Individual forest owners can utilise research information when implementing their forestry plans, using the tested tools or improving their forest by drainage or road building, for example.

The new recommendations on forestry were implemented at the beginning of August 2006. The recommendations introduce models on how to improve the profitability of forestry, on nature management and on forest diversity.

You can find more information on forestry recommendations, education and training provided to forest owners, forest-related literature, tools and excursions and many other things via the following links.


Succession planning

Depending on the location and the owner's objectives, forest is grown for approximately 80 years before a complete replanting is carried out. You manage and do logging in your forest thinking about your own return but at the same time you have to be thinking about the next generation. Forestry is all about doing things in the long term.

The average age of forest owners is 59 years. Often forests become the property of the next generation when they too are middle aged. You should plan how the ownership is transferred and what you need to do together with the party taking over. Considering the wishes of your own family and the new forest owner and the perspectives of forestry and many other things ensures that the change of ownership goes smoothly.