Children 0 to 12 years

The earlier you start saving with or for your child, the more secure your child's future will be.

Saving Gift tax Do all your banking with us Saving

When you open your child's first bank account at Nordea, he or she will receive a coin bank. You can use it to teach your child what saving means.

When the coin bank fills up, you can come to a Nordea branch to deposit the savings in the account. Then you can show your child in Netbank how the savings accrue interest.

Saving is an investment in your child's future

At Nordea, you have an excellent opportunity to increase the child’s savings whether you are his or her mother, father, grandparent or godparent. The easiest way to save is to make a savings agreement.

  • Banking with us pays off: when all your family members belong to our Customer Programme, you can open a PerkAccount for your child. Interest paid on the PerkAccount is determined according to the level your family has reached in the Customer Programme.
  • When you save regularly into a child’s PerkAccount, the savings accrue into a nice sum over the years. You can also make a savings agreement on transferring the child allowance to the PerkAccount. We donate up to 40 euros to every new-born baby if a Nordea account is opened for the baby.
  • If you want to get optimum long-term profit forecast for your child’s assets, you should choose saving in funds. The easiest way to do this is to make a fund savings agreement on one of the nearly fifty Nordea funds.
Gift tax

From the beginning of 2017, the minimum limit for inheritance and gift tax is 5,000 euros. This means that within a timeframe of three years, you can save a total of 5,000 euros to your child, for example, 138 euros per month.

Do all your banking with us

Your family benefits when you do all your banking with Nordea

By signing up for our Customer Programme you will get major benefits on our banking and insurance services. When you sign up your family for the Customer Programme, the banking of all your family members is taken into account when determining your Customer Programme level. You will then automatically get all the benefits of your level.

Sign up your family for the Customer Programme

Sign up for the Customer Programme by sending your contact information on the sign-up form or by calling Nordea Customer Service.

Print out and fill in the Family members form (pdf, 971 KB) and send it to the address below. You do not need a stamp as Nordea will pay the postage.

     2426 Asiakaspalvelu
     Tunnus 5001230-2501

You can also order the form by calling Nordea Customer Service or by e-mailing us through Netbank.