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Make Nordea your first choice. If you are a Key Customer, our best benefits will also be applied to your whole family.

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Banking with us pays off

The higher your banking and insurance volume with Nordea, the more benefits you get.

Check-in Customers (18-28-year-olds) learn to take care of their finances and get substantial discounts on Nordea's banking and insurance services.

Key Customers

Our Key Customers get many valuable benefits

Sign up as a Key Customer and get the best benefits. If you wish, the benefits will also be applied to your spouse and all of your children under 18 living at home.

Your benefits include:

  • Nordea Gold with no annual or monthly fees. The card includes continuous travel insurance when travelling abroad and a handy Product Safety Insurance.
  • Free access codes which allow you to use Mobilebank and Netbank and identify yourself when calling our Customer Service, for example.

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All customer groups and benefits

Key Customers

Being a Key Customer rewards you for loyalty

Key Customers get our best benefits. As a Key Customer you can turn to our network of professional banking advisers for advice in important financial matters.

Preferred Customer

Preferred Customers get substantial discounts

As a Preferred Customer, you can get as much as 30% off access codes.


Savings in banking and insurance services

Check-in Customers learn to take care of their finances and get substantial discounts.


We help you to choose the right services for you

Taking care of your finances is easy and trouble-free when you have the right services.

Children 0 to 7-years

Saving is an investment in your child's future

The earlier you start saving with or for your child, the more secure your child's future will be. When you open an account for your baby, we will donate you up to 40 euros


Comprehensive specialist services in savings and investments

Premium Customers gain access to a comprehensive range of specialist savings and investments services.