Nordea Crowdfunding

Finland needs growth, entrepreneurship and new innovations. Nordea wants to be one of the parties supporting Finnish companies and entrepreneurs at the different stages of the economy and the company's life cycle.

Our plan is to introduce the Nordea Crowdfunding service when the new legislation is passed. The Finnish Parliament is currently processing a government proposal for a crowdfunding act that will create a consistent set of rules for crowdfunding.

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What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding as Nordea's service What is crowdfunding?

Information for companies

This service planned for Nordea's corporate customers will offer a new way to find financing for projects which will help the company grow and create new jobs


Information for investors

In our new service, investors will be able to invest in companies in the starting or growth phase of their life cycle, support causes that are important to them and to be involved in developing businesses and business ideas in their neighbourhood.

Crowdfunding as Nordea's service

Nordea's role in the service is to act as an intermediary that brings together companies looking for crowdfunding and investors interested in such companies. The service is equity-based, which means investors subscribe for an unlisted limited liability company's (LTD or in Finland as OY) shares in a share issue. Our crowdfunding service will be implemented in a book-entry security.

Nordea Crowdfunding has been planned as an easy to use digital service enabling companies to focus on social media in acquiring financing for their company. The company might gain a network of experts that they can utilize for example in product development, R&D or for testing new products and services.

For our investor customers Nordea Crowdfunding will offer a chance to invest in Finnish companies at their initial or growth stage. The service will allow investors to directly support Finnish innovations and the growth of Finnish companies. Investing in unlisted growth companies involves a significant risk of loss of invested capital. For investors understanding this risk, crowdfunding will offer extremely interesting alternatives. Crowdfunding also allows investors to invest with small sums.