Corporate Portfolio Analysis

Nordea offers its corporate customers comprehensive and tailored analysis of both assets and liabilities on their balance sheet. With the new portfolio analysis, you can update your investment portfolio so that it corresponds to your investment targets and manage the interest rate risk of your loan portfolio.

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Portfolio analysis helps you manage the risks of your investments and loans

Sharp market movements in recent years have forced investors to reconsider the risk-return ratio of their portfolios. In addition, fluctuations in the fixed income markets expose your loan portfolio to the risk of increased interest expenses.

A portfolio analysis helps you get a better view of the risks involved in your investment and loan portfolios, and allows you to update them in line with your targets using our recommendations.

A portfolio analysis is unique for each customer, so it is suitable for experienced investment companies and for the management of surplus liquidity. It will also generate an overview of the current status of the portfolio.

The portfolio analysis includes:

  • Account balance analysis to help you with liquidity management
  • A comprehensive overview of your current portfolio's risks and expected return
  • An optimal and diversified recommended investment that suits the investor's risk profile and investment horizon
  • Graphs illustrating the repayment schedule of your loan portfolio and hedges
  • A calculation of your loan portfolio's interest expenses in various interest rate environments

Tailored analysis to meet your company's needs

In the portfolio analysis your company's investment portfolio will be broken down and its risks will be simulated. This will produce an assessment of the expected return and of the likelihood of negative return.

The investment analysis also includes an optimised investment proposal based on your company's specific needs. The proposal may capitalise on the view of Nordea's experts of future market trends or it may be fully based on your view of the market.

Our credit analysis enables you to gain an understanding of the current and future status of your loan portfolio at a glance. The analysis dissects the interest rate risk of your company's loan portfolio by examining the future performance of the hedging level. We also provide calculations of your loan servicing expenses in different interest rate environments.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

The portfolio analysis is free of charge and can be requested from your contact person.

You must be a Nordea customer in order to purchase the products included in the investment recommendations. You must sign a general agreement on derivatives before you can obtain the interest rate hedge for the loan portfolio.

Please contact our specialists for further information. We will be happy to help.



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