Interest rate hedging

Hedge against rising interest rates. We offer alternatives to meet various needs.
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Interest rate swap

Interest rate swap fixes the interest rate on a loan

An interest rate swap is suitable for customers who want to know their interest expenses over the coming years in advance and hedge against a potential rise in the interest rate level.

Interest rate cap

An effective protection against rising interest rates

An interest rate cap offers effective protection against rising interest rates, while retaining the opportunity to benefit from falling interest rates.

Tailored interest rate hedges

Hedge options for different needs

Companies wishing to hedge against interest rate risk must first determine the extent of that risk. In addition to traditional interest rate caps and interest rate swaps, interest rate hedges can be tailored to each customer.

Interest rate hedging


Interest rate fluctuations generate a risk

You can hedge against the risk with different hedging products.


Hedge against rising interest rates

Companies can choose among different interest rate hedging products available for various needs.