Financial analyses

Our range of products and services is extensive:

  • Daily comments on global key indicators and events and their analyses
  • Easy-to-read financial calendars with focus on events
  • Financial forecasts covering the entire yield curve and forecasts of various currency trends
  • Key indicator forecasts and historical data
  • Regular publications and ad hoc analyses
  • Customer presentations
  • Availability through several electronic media, such as the e-Markets
  • Up-to-date corporate bond analysis with recommendations


Research and analysis

Economic OutlookOpens new window (in Finnish)

The Economic Outlook is an extensive report, published twice a year, on the state and outlook of the economy. In addition, it contains the latest forecasts by Nordea's economists of the economic data of various countries as well as exchange rates and interest rates.

Morning Report Opens new window (in Finnish)

The morning report is published daily and is, as its name indicates, a concise report published every weekday morning of the previous day's most important financial events, such as fresh economic data or other significant news. In addition, the report includes comments on the notable events of the current day.

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Research and analysis in Netbank

If you have Nordea’s portfolio service, you can monitor the markets and make investment decisions using Nordea’s research and analyses as well as the services and analysis tools at Read more.