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We are pleased to learn that you would like to become a customer at Nordea. The “Become a corporate customer online" service is an easy and convenient way to sign up as Nordea's customer without having to visit a Nordea branch.

Become a corporate customer online Streamlining the group structure of Nordea Become a corporate customer online

Using this service requires that your company form is either a registered business name, public limited company, limited partnership or general partnership. Companies in their start-up phase can also sign up for the “Become a corporate customer online" service.

1. Fill in the application and send it to Nordea

You can fill in the application when:

  • you have access codes to log in
  • you have a mobile phone
  • you have a Finnish passport or identity card
  • you are of age and a Finnish citizen
  • your domicile is in Finland and you are legally competent
  • you are authorised to sign for the company.

2. We will process your application in a few banking days

During the completion of the application:
  • the bank automatically retrieves information from the Trade Register
  • the service may also demand the signature of another representative of the company depending on the company's signature clause
  • you can take a break, save the application and continue later.

3. You will receive a text message from us once your application has been processed

Log in to the service again and start using the code app.

4. You will receive a Corporate e-start-up package

The product package includes:

You will receive an SMS after which you can log into the service and start using the code app.

Streamlining the group structure of Nordea

Streamlining the group structure of Nordea

Nordea Bank Finland Plc has decided to merge with Nordea Bank AB (publ). After the merger (planned for the 2 January 2017), the service provider in Finland will be Nordea Bank Ab (publ), Finnish Branch. The merger has no effect on services, agreement terms and conditions or service prices.

Further information on streamlining the group structure of Nordea and on the merger plan

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