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Offer your customer a buyer credit. Offering a term of payment with a buyer credit gives exporters a competitive edge.

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Your benefits

  • Offering a term of payment with a buyer credit gives exporters a competitive edge.
  • The liquidity of your company will improve and the need for separate working capital financing will decrease.
  • The commercial and political risk arising from the buyer or the buyer's country can be restricted or eliminated.
  • Your company can offer the buyer financing terms that bring savings in interest expenses, taxes and costs compared to local financing. This is especially true in the emerging markets.
  • The exporter's own collateral is not usually required for buyer credits, which means the collateral can be used for other purposes.

Offer your customer a buyer credit

We can finance the term of payment your company has granted to a foreign buyer either by buying your company's endorsable export receivables or by making a financing agreement directly with the buyer. This gives a clear competitive edge to your company.

Buyer credits are suitable for the short-term and long-term financing of consumer goods, capital goods and services. The financing instrument used is either a bill of exchange/promissory note or a loan agreement.

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Commercial and political risks

Choosing Trade Finance products and using the general International Commercial terms (Incoterms) decreases or eliminates many of the risks related to international trading.

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Valitse oikea maksutapa

Tee kaupankäynnistä joustavampaa valitsemalla oikea maksutapa.