Export collection

Use export collection in shipments by sea to secure the payment after the shipment.

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A method of payment where banks forward documents

Use collection when you want your customer to pay the collection amount or accept a draft with a term of payment before the goods are surrendered to your customer. When you use export collection, both the commercial and the political risk still remain with the seller. The bank monitors the collection instruction and reminds the buyer if the payment is delayed.

Via Trade Finance Net Services you can process your collections in the Internet.


Your benefits

  • Possibility to receive financing. If you intend to grant the buyer a term of payment, come and discuss possible financing with us.
  • International rules. The ICC Uniform Rules for Collection URC 522 regulate the terms and conditions related to the documents and to the time and method of payment.
  • The seller has the right of possession to the goods until the documents have been redeemed.

Our currently valid tariff is available for viewing at all Nordea branches.

Neuvoja ulkomaankaupan tueksi

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Commercial and political risks

Choosing Trade Finance products and using the general International Commercial terms (Incoterms) decreases or eliminates many of the risks related to international trading.

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Valitse oikea maksutapa

Tee kaupankäynnistä joustavampaa valitsemalla oikea maksutapa.