Bank guarantees in net services

Does your company regularly need domestic or foreign bank guarantees?

The easiest way to apply for them is to use Netbank's bank guarantee service and Trade Finance Global.

Use Netbank's bank guarantee service for domestic bank guarantees and Trade Finance Global for international bank guarantees. The services enable you to send your bank guarantee applications to the bank quickly and conveniently. The services also allow you to browse your existing bank guarantees.

Your benefits

With the services you can:

  • make bank guarantee applications and send them directly to the bank if you have a bank guarantee limit agreement
  • use the details of a previous bank guarantee as a template for a new bank guarantee application; you can, for example, use the details a bank guarantee related to the same building contract
  • search and browse the details of existing bank guarantees with different criteria
  • browse the fee details and amendment history of existing bank
  • browse bank guarantee commissions that are about to fall due

  • save a list of the bank guarantees on your own computer in different format, for example, as an Excel file
  • the services are available 24/7 and you can use them when it suits you best

 Trade Finance Global:

  • Access to all your trade finance information, anywhere, anytime.
  • A complete overview of all your trade finance transactions – globally. Nordea’s trade finance units can be reached from one single point of entry, while Trade Finance Global covers all trade finance products and provides overall corporate visibility.

Advice on bank guarantees

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Advice on bank guarantees Do you need bank guarantees regularly?

If your company needs bank guarantees regularly, the bank can grant you a bank guarantee limit.

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Sending applications to the bank is easy

You can send your bank guarantee applications to us via Netbank. You can also browse your existing guarantees there.