Using e-payment means safety, security and ease in Internet commerce. It is a suitable means of payment for almost all kinds of e-commerce. Make an appointment to your Nordea branch.

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Boost the sales of your online shop - and save in invoicing and cash-on-delivery charges

Your risks will also be reduced, as customers will pay for their shopping in advance. By offering your customers several payment methods you often improve your sales potential.

Your benefits:

  • The payment is entered quickly and securely in your company's account, which increases the efficiency of cash management.

  • For your customers e-payment is an effortless way to pay for purchases, without extra costs.
  • Reference payment enables the automation of the order-payment chain.
  • With the refund function of the e-payment you can easily and quickly refund the customer if you are not able to deliver the order.
Further information

E-payment is an important part of well-functioning online trade as one payment and invoicing alternative to corporate customers. E-payment is suitable for both large and small companies, as well as the public sector, such as municipalities and authorities.

E-payment can be used by ordinary consumers, in other words, your customers, and companies alike. All the payer needs is online banking codes.

To start using the e-payment service, your company must make an agreement with the bank on the service and other payment services needed for your banking.

In mobile

Use e-payment also in the mobile channel

You can also use the e-payment agreement in the mobile channel. A separate service agreement is not needed; you only must provide your customers with at least one page via a mobile channel from where the buyer can be forwarded to pay for the purchase by e-payment.

From the buyer’s point of view, e-payment works the same way as on the Internet. The payment is confirmed with online banking codes.

Terms and conditions Service descriptions

Please read the service descriptions before making the agreement and starting to use the service.

Service descriptions:

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Advice on payments

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International Bank Account Number and Bank Identifier Code.