The e-invoice service allows you to send electronic invoices to both your corporate and consumer customers. We offer your company the suitable way to send and receive e-invoices whether you use Netbank or your own financial administration system.

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Cost-savings and more efficient financial administration

Regardless of the size of your company, the e-invoice will significantly boost the efficiency of your financial administration processes and help you achieve substantial cost-savings. With a single e-invoicing agreement, you can reach both companies and the consumer customers of all banks.

You can send e-invoices via file transfer using a bank connection program or through the e-invoice service in Netbank.

Your benefits:

  • E-invoice through Nordea’s file transfer allows companies to integrate their invoices into their financial administration systems in the same way as their payments. Nordea’s file transfer provides an unsurpassed and reliable distribution channel.
  • The e-invoice service in Netbank makes it possible to create, send, receive and pay invoices without the need for any separate software.
  • E-invoices sent from your company are delivered by post in Finland and abroad to recipients who are not yet able to receive e-invoices.
In Netbank

Lower the cost of your invoicing and save time and effort

With Nordea's e-invoice service your company can send and receive invoices electronically to and from companies of all sizes. To start using the e-invoice service, your company needs to have access to Nordea's Netbank and be domiciled in Finland. No separate invoicing program is needed.

Electronic invoicing does not require additional investments and is easy to adopt in Nordea’s Netbank. The service range in Netbank includes an e-invoice link. You can start using the service right away without having to visit a Nordea branch.

In file transfer

You can opt for sending or receiving e-invoices – or both

You can create the outgoing invoice files in your company’s financial administration system and send them to Nordea’s file transfer in the same manner as your other payment transaction files. Correspondingly, you can download the incoming invoices from Nordea through file transfer and forward them to your financial administration system for checking and accounting.

The service enables the complete automation of invoicing and invoice processing. You can introduce the service if your company possesses the adequate IT equipment to process e-invoices. You can open the service at your Nordea branch.

Additional services

As an additional service, invoicers who use file transfer can present the attachments to an invoice to consumers through a link formed in Netbank. The link allows the invoicer to send marketing messages to customers and to identify the consumers who open the invoice link if the invoicer has a personal identity number database.

File transfer customers who send invoices can use Nordea's or Itella's printing service for sending invoices by post to recipients who do not yet use the e-invoice service. This means that all invoicing material can be sent to the bank in electronic format.

An essential part of consumer e-invoicing is the notification service, for which you can find record descriptions at (maintained by the Federation of Finnish Financial Services).

Nordea will end the support for Finvoice-versions 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 by the end of 2015.

As of 1 January 2016 we will only accept versions 1.3, 2.0 and 2.01.

Further information: bulletin for software houses (January 2015)

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