Credit transfer

Credit transfer is an easy way to make euro payments in Finland and to European banks. Credit transfers are made in the same way irrespective of whether the payee's account bank is in Finland or abroad.

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Nordea to speed up credit transfers

Nordea will speed up credit transfers from one financial institution to another before the summer of 2017.

After the upgrading, the funds will be transmitted to the payees mainly during the same banking day if the payment has been confirmed before 14.00 Finnish time (EET). As an exception to this, credit transfer files sent to file transfer must be confirmed before 13.00 Finnish time (EET).

This upgrading will concern all euro-denominated credit transfers from Nordea to another financial institution in Finland and in Europe.

In Finland, credit transfers between Nordea's customers and the salaries and pensions paid by corporate customers will be transmitted as before.

The faster transmission of credit transfers requires no action of the customers and will cause no changes to the use of the present services or to their terms and conditions.

During the spring, we will provide more detailed information on the change and the related timetable.

Credit transfer

Credit transfers and payments can be made in many different ways: in Netbank, at a payment ATM, with payment software or at a branch.

For a credit transfer you need the payee's account number in the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) format. A credit transfer is always transmitted at the price of a domestic payment.

Your benefits:

  • A credit transfer is transmitted to a European bank as quickly as to another domestic bank.
  • You can make the credit transfer in the same way irrespective of whether its destination is Finland or another country in Europe.
  • The pricing is the same as in domestic payments.
  • The credit transfer amount is transferred to the payee’s account in full.
As a self service

In Netbank and at a payment ATM

In a credit transfer made between accounts with Nordea the funds are transferred immediately between the sender and the recipient. If the credit transfer/payment is going to another Finnish or European bank, Nordea will transmit it for the following banking day.

Please note that payments to other banks will be transmitted on banking days only. At weekends or on midweek holidays payments will not be transmitted until the following banking day if you make the payment in Netbank after 19.30. ??

Credit transfers between Nordea Bank Finland Plc's account customers will also be entered at weekends and on midweek holidays. 

Additional payment confirmation is part of the payment order

Additional payment confirmation means that before the execution of a payment occasional Netbank payments need additional confirmation. The additional confirmation is made by phone or SMS in addition to normal Netbank confirmation. This does not cause any additional costs with a Finnish telephone subscription if the calls or messages are made in Finland.

Your benefits:

  • Additional security for payments, as the confirmation is made with another device.
  • Confirmation by SMS can be done 24 hours a day.

Confimation by phone

Confirm the payment by calling the additional confirmation service number 0800 165 656 (free of charge in Finland with Finnish mobile phone subscriptions). The telephone service is open Mon - Fri 10.00 - 16.30. At the same number, you can register your mobile phone number for the SMS service. The additional confirmation must be given on the next banking day.

SMS service

You must first register your mobile phone number for the SMS service before you can confirm payments with an SMS. You can register you mobile phone number by calling 0800 165 656, during the opening hours of Nordea Customer Service (Mon - Fri 10.00 - 16.30, free of charge in Finland with Finnish mobile phone subscriptions).

You can make the additional payment confirmation with an SMS from Finnish subscriptions with Aina's, Academica's, Cubio's, Dicame's, DNA's, Elisa's, Fujitsu's (subscriptions operating in Elisa's network), Saunalahti's, Sonera's, TDC Song's, Telefinland's and Ålands Mobiltelefon's subscription as well as with most foreign subscriptions supporting SMS services. The SMS Service is available 24 hours a day, just like Netbank.

SMS “A” confirms a payment

The bank sends you an additional confirmation request with an SMS. To confirm a payment, you must send a text message containing the letter 'A'. The system will immediately send you an acknowledgment message as a reply to that message. If a payment waiting for additional confirmation has not been confirmed by a text message by the end of the following banking day, the payment will expire.

Through file transfer

All payments made as credit transfers can also be handled electronically by sending the bank a file batch formed with payment and ledger software.

The payment types include:

  • invoices
  • salaries and pensions
  • foreign currency payments
  • urgent payments
  • money orders.

Sending payment files through:

  • Corporate Netbank or
  • Web Services and the related PKI security solution.

File deadlines

The deadlines for files to be uploaded and downloaded and their processing times are shown on the pages behind the links.

Payment orders to foreign banks or from abroad to Finland

With the Request for Transfer service your company can send payment orders through Nordea to Nordea units in other countries and other foreign banks. You can also transmit payment orders through foreign banks to be debited to your account in Nordea.

The orders may concern repatriation of funds, transfers between your company’s foreign accounts or transfers to accounts of other payees in banks around the world.

Your benefits

  • Make your asset management more efficient.
  • Make local payments in other countries.
  • Paperless, secure and quick way to give payment orders.
  • Transmit payment orders to other Nordea units for free.

You can send Requests for Transfer conveniently through Nordea’s Netbank or directly from your company’s systems.

Additional information

TInformation on payments in Nordea’s Nordic units with the Request for Transfer service can be found here. Your contact person in Nordea can provide you with information on Request for Transfer payments in units in other countries. As far as other account banks are concerned, please turn to the bank in question.

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