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The Web Services protocol is a modern and safe data communications solution for connections between the financial administration of a company and the systems of a bank.

Web Services protocol PKI certificate How to start using the services Service descriptions Web Services protocol

The Web Services protocol is intended for the transmission of payment files between your company and the bank.
The protocol is a connection type transmitting messages/files, and in this respect it deviates from corporate netbank, which is interactive.

Your benefits:

  • The connection can be automated and timed.
  • The data communications connection is always encrypted, so you do not need a separate VPN connection.
PKI certificate

PKI certificate

The Web Services connection identifies customers with a PKI certificate (Nordea eID), which companies can retrieve from the bank with their bank connection software. The software will send a request for a certificate, to which it attaches the name, user ID and country code of the customer stated in the agreement. The request is secured with an activation code received via an SMS message delivered to the mobile phone number of the administrator specified in the agreement.

If your bank connection software does not have a feature for downloading the certificate, you can also download it by logging on to the Certificate Download service with the above-mentioned data. When you receive the certificate, you must give a password to it to protect it. The password will be needed later when it is transferred for the use of the bank connection software.

A retrieved certificate is valid for two years. It is your company's responsibility to renew it before it expires. Some bank connection software will notify the user of the certificate's expiry in advance, enabling users to renew their certificate without an interruption to the service. Depending on the software, the renewal may be done fully automatically or you can download a new certificate as described above. You can order a new activation code at a branch or from Nordea's E-support for Corporate Customers, tel. 0200 67210 (local network charge/mobile call charge), provided that the administrator's mobile phone number is saved in the bank's agreement register. An activation code is valid for 7 days.

Further information: 

Nordea Business Centre, tel 0200 26262 (local network charge/mobile call charge) or your company's contact person at a Nordea branch.

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How to start using the services

How to start using the services

Your company must make a written agreement on the use of the Web Services protocol at a Nordea branch. In addition, you need bank connection software that supports the Web Services protocol. In Finland the use of the protocol so far requires local agreements.

Section 4 in the Web Services service description contains information on the file types available for uploading and downloading.
The agreements and terms of payment services remain as is; only the data communications and data security protocols change.

The PKI certificate is used for identifying a customer in the Web Services protocol.  For more information, see tab PKI certificate..

Service descriptions

Please read the service descriptions before making the agreement and starting to use the service.

Service descriptions:

Web Services, file transfer (pdf, 584 KB)Opens new window

File types
Service nameFile typeFormatMessageTo / from Nordea
Advance notice of incoming currency paymentsENNTIEDASCIIFrom Nordea
Account statement SWIFT MT940SW940SWIFT MTMT940From Nordea
Account statement (XML)NDCAMT53LXMLcamt.053From Nordea
Account statement TITOASCIIFrom Nordea
Account statement, Nordea FinanceFINRACSTLASCIIFrom Nordea
Balance report, SWIFT MT941SW941SWIFT MTMT941From Nordea
Balance statementFIEBALSTLHTMLFrom Nordea
Interim transaction reportSW942SWIFT MTMT942From Nordea
Corporate paymentsNDCORPAYSXMLpain.001To Nordea
Corporate payments feedbackNDCORPAYLXMLpain.002From Nordea
Corporate payments cancellation requestNDCORCANSXMLpain.006To Nordea
Custody ISO 15022 instructionsCSINXS00SSWIFTTo Nordea
Custody ISO 15022 instructionsCSINXS00LSWIFTFrom Nordea
Custody ISO 15022 reportsCSREPS00LSWIFTFrom Nordea
E-invoice from invoicerLAHLASKUTXMLFinvoiceTo Nordea
E-invoice to payerHAELASKUTXMLFinvoiceFrom Nordea 
Rejected e-invoices to senderHYLLASKUTXMLFinvoiceFrom Nordea
Invoicer notification from invoicer to NordeaFIB2CLASS XMLFinvoiceTo Nordea
E-invoice reception notification created by NordeaFIB2CVASLXMLXMLFrom Nordea
Exchange rates for EURVKEURASCII From Nordea
IBAN calculation and validationFIIBANLASASCII To Nordea
IBAN calculation and validation feedbackFIIBANPALASCII From Nordea
Incoming reference paymentsKTL ASCII From Nordea
Incoming reference payments (XML)NDCAMT54LXMLcamt.054From Nordea
Incoming reference payments, Nordea FinanceFINRREFPLASCIIFrom Nordea
Liability statementHTMVASTELHTMLFrom Nordea
Security statementHTMVAKUELHTMLFrom Nordea
EMV-Payment terminal, AID-fileEMVAIDFrom Nordea
EMV-Payment terminal, BIN-tableEMVBINFrom Nordea
EMV-Payment terminal, Public keysEMVJAVFrom Nordea
EMV-Payment terminal, feedback to merchantsEMVMPALFrom Nordea
EMV-Payment terminal, feedback to card companiesEMVKAINFrom Nordea
EMV-Payment terminal, transactions from store to NordeaEMVMPPTo Nordea
Payment terminal, transactions from merchantsMPPTo Nordea
Payment terminal, feedback to merchantsMPAL From Nordea
Payment terminal, feedback to card companiesMPPPALAUTEFrom Nordea
Real time balanceSALDOASCIIFrom Nordea
Request for TransferFIRFT000SSWIFT MTMT101, MT198 To Nordea
Feedback on Request for transferFIRFT000LASCIIFrom Nordea
Feedback on Request for transfer from SWIFTFIRTSWPLASCIIFrom Nordea
Sales receivablesFACTORINGASCIITo Nordea
Transaction statementTATOASCIIFrom Nordea

Advice on electronic banking

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Information for software houses

Instructions for software houses that maintain file transfer connections to Nordea.

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Service descriptions

Technical descriptions of Nordea's services.