Service notice on payment transmission

Payment transmission functions as normal. No new notifications.


Nordea has this week had to return some payments from domestic banks to the sending banks due to insufficient information. The returned payments have not been compliant with the SEPA payment standard and that is why they have been rejected in automatic processing. Nordea is in the process of adopting a new payment system in March and along with it, we will in the processing of payments follow the standards jointly agreed in the Federation of Finnish Financial Services more strictly than before.


Due to the problems detected regarding incoming payments we have made changes in the processing of incoming payments. As a result, we will until further notice also receive payments with insufficient information from other domestic banks as we have done before. However, we will define the processing of incoming payments to comply with the standards at a later stage.

We will inform our customers and other domestic banks of this matter during the spring. No problems have been detected in connection with outgoing payment files.


We apologise for this inconvenience caused in payment transmission.