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Netbank is a real-time service channel for managing your company’s banking business. The service is available to you whenever you have the time to use it.

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With Nordea access codes you can do your banking anywhere, anytime

code-app-fi-142x152Nordea access codes are evolving, and we're introducing new mobile identification method, the code app, as the first bank in Finland.

You can still use your code card even if you start using the new app. You can choose which identification method you want to use.

The easy and convenient app is always available in your mobile device wherever you are.

Download the code app to your mobile device

The code app can be downloaded to iPhones, Android phones and tablets, Windows Phones and to iPads from the app store. 

Read more about the Code app


Flexible means of managing your company's banking regardless of time and place

Netbank fulfils the various needs of corporate customers. It offers a wide and diverse selection of banking services for companies of all sizes easily and securely. Through the service, your company gets a comprehensive summary of its liquidity as well as real-time balance and account data.

Your benefits:

  • You can see real-time account data and transactions of your accounts.
  • You can pay euro payments and payments in other currencies from your company's accounts.
  • You can send the payment files you have created and download incoming files handily through file transfer.
  • You can make use of Nordea's SEPA services in your company's payments.
One user

Banking services for your company easily on the Internet

Classic Netbank for corporate customers is a real-time service channel for managing your company’s domestic banking business. The service is available to you whenever you have the time to do your banking.
The Classic Netbank for corporate customers is a payment solution for one user. It can be used for single payments and for connecting to file transfer.

Your benefits:

  • You can pay recurring and single payments handily within the Euro zone and outside it.
  • It is easy to keep up to date on the transactions and balances of your accounts.
  • You can download account statements as a printout or a file and append them to your book-keeping.
  • You can send the payment files you have made in financial administration programs to file transfer.
  • You can send and receive e-invoices.

Access codes always with you

tunnuslukusovellus-ikoni-152x152When you have the Nordea Codes app downloaded on your mobile device you can log into Netbank and Mobile Bank. You can also identify youself and confirm payments as well as transactions.  

The new code app allows you to give up the paper code card and striking out codes, and what is more important, you will never run out of codes. The code app is easy-to-use and convenient, as it is always with you on your mobile device. The code app also guarantees secure banking in the future. 

Download the code app on your mobile device from your devices’ app store. The app works on iPhone, Android phones and tablets, Windows Phone 8 phones and on iPad.

The benefits of the code app:

  • Access codes always in your mobile device
  • No separate code card or crossing out of codes
  • You never run out of codes
  • Easy to use and secure


Further information:

Contact Nordea when you want to start using Netbank services, as it requires a separate agreement.

You can log on to the Netbank service on Nordea's website with a user ID and changing codes.

The most common operating systems and Internet browsers support the use of Classic Netbank.

File transfer

  • You can download the account statements of all your accounts.
  • You can transfer information to your computer for further processing.
  • You can send Finnish payment files from your company's ledger to the bank.
  • You can get the certificates of your accounts, credits and insurance needed for the financial statements easily and rapidly.


  • You can pay single domestic and cross-border payments from Nordea's accounts in Finland.
  • You can complete easily SEPA credit transfers to the Single European Payments Area.
  • You can create payment templates.
  • You can transfer money between your accounts in Nordea.


  • You can invoice your customers with the service.
  • The invoices are sent as e-invoices or on paper to both Finland and abroad.
  • You can receive e-invoices.


  • You can see real-time balances and transactions in Nordea's accounts in Finland.
  • You can get further information on the balance statement opened in Netbank.


  • You can make investments and submit orders as well as trade in securities.
  • You can monitor the performance of your investments.

Other services

  • You can use an order form to order a balance statement as well as liability and security statements for the financial statements.
  • You can see your company's loan balances and due dates of your loans.
  • In the Trade Finance Global, you can process collections, documentary credits and guarantees. 

More detailed information on all services in Netbank and their features is available from your contact person in Nordea or at a Nordea branch

Additional payment confirmation is part of the payment order

Additional payment confirmation means that before the execution of a payment occasional Netbank payments need additional confirmation. The additional confirmation is made by phone or SMS in addition to normal Netbank confirmation. This does not cause any additional costs with a Finnish telephone subscription if the calls or messages are made in Finland.

Your benefits:

  • Additional security for payments, as the confirmation is made with another device.
  • Confirmation by SMS can be done 24 hours a day.

Confirmation by phone

Confirm the payment by calling the additional confirmation service number 0800 165 656. The telephone service is open Mon - Sun 24 hours a day. At the same number, you can register your mobile phone number for the SMS service.

SMS service

You can make the additional payment confirmation with an SMS from Finnish subscriptions with Aina's, Academica's, Cubio's, Dicame's, DNA's, Elisa's, Fujitsu's (subscriptions operating in Elisa's network), Saunalahti's, Sonera's, TDC Song's, Telefinland's and Ålands Mobiltelefon's subscription as well as with most foreign subscriptions supporting SMS services. The SMS Service is available 24 hours a day, just like Netbank.

SMS "A" confirms a payment

The bank sends you an additional confirmation request with an SMS. To confirm a payment, you must send a text message containing the letter 'A'. The system will immediately send you an acknowledgment message as a reply to that message. If a payment waiting for additional confirmation has not been confirmed by a text message by the end of the following banking day, the payment will expire.

Many users

Corporate Netbank enables processing of both domestic and foreign Nordea accounts and payments at the same time regardless of time and place.

The service suits especially well to companies that have many users. Authorised administrators working in your company may define and edit user authorisations.

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Mobile channel

Corporate Mobile Bank

With Nordea's Corporate Mobile Bank you can do your banking conveniently whenever, wherever.


Corporate Mobile Bank can be used with the most common mobile devices: iPhones, Android phones, Windows Phone 8 devices and iPad.

Read more.

Terms and conditions Service descriptions

Please read the service descriptions before making the agreement and starting to use the service.

Service descriptions:

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Advice on electronic banking

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Information for software houses

Instructions for software houses that maintain file transfer connections to Nordea.

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Technical descriptions of Nordea's services.