Corporate Mobile Bank

With Nordea's Corporate Mobile Bank you can do your banking conveniently whenever, wherever. Corporate Mobile Bank is an alternative option for customers using Classic Corporate Netbank. Corporate Mobile Bank can be used with the most common mobile devices.

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With Corporate Mobile Bank you can:

  • View your account balances and transaction details
  • Transfer money between your accounts
  • Pay bills
  • Read payment details with a barcode reader and a QR code reader
  • Check the details of your corporate loans
  • Read and send Netbank's mail
  • Be in contact with Nordea customer service
  • Compare different foreign currencies with a currency calculator

Logging into Corporate Mobile Bank

You can login to mobile bank and confirm transactions with Nordeas Code app. The Code app allows you to give up the paper code card and striking out codes. 

Read more about the Code app


In order to use Corporate Mobile Bank you need:

  • Corporate Classic Netbank agreement with Nordea 
  • A mobile device on which to download the mobile app. Corporate Mobile Bank has been designed to function in the following smart phones and tablets:
    • Apple iPhone, operating system version iOS 7.1 and newer
    • Apple iPad, operating system version iOS 7.1 and newer
    • Android phones, operating system version 4.1 and newer
    • Windows Phone, operating system version 8.1 and newer

You log into Corporate Mobile Bank with Nordea Codes app or with a permanent password and access codes. You can activate the code app in Corporate Classic Netbank. The password can be created in Corporate Mobile Bank. You will need the access codes when you start using the code app and the permanent password. 

Some services, such as bill payment, require that you confirm the payment with a code from your code card or with the code app.

Terms and pricing

Corporate Mobile Bank is intended for customers using Corporate Classic Netbank. The service terms and conditions as well as the tariff of Corporate Classic Netbank are applied to the use of Corporate Mobile Bank.a. Further information

How do I activate Corporate Mobile Bank?

You can download Mobile Bank from the app store of your mobile device.
Mobile Bank for iPad and iPhone is downloaded from App Store.
Mobile Bank for Windows Phone 8 phones is downloaded from Windows Store.
Mobile Bank for Android phones is downloaded from Google Play.

What is a permanent password? Where can I get one? I only have access codes to Classic Netbank.

You create the permanent password yourself and it allows you to view your account details quickly and easily without a code card. You can create and manage the password in Corporate Mobile Bank.

How do I create a permanent password to log in Mobile Bank?

You create the password when you log in Corporate Mobile Bank the first time. For this, you will need a user ID, a code and a confirmation code.
1. Select "Create password".
2. Log in with the user ID and the next free code on the code card.
3. Accept the terms and conditions for use.
4. Enter the password twice. Make sure that they match.
5. You have now created your password. You may log in.

Your Mobile Bank app is not available for my mobile device. What should I do?

If you use some other mobile device with an Internet connection, you can use Mobile Bank with your phone's browser at 

How much does it cost to use Corporate Mobile Bank?

The bank does not charge a separate fee for Corporate Mobile Bank, but the cost is included in Corporate Classic Netbank's monthly fee and it can be used with the same access codes. The services are priced in the same way as Netbank services. For example, transaction-specific fees are charged for the viewing of account transactions, making of payments and reception of e-invoices according to the agreement.

Can I install Corporate Mobile Bank on several devices?

You can install the app on as many devices as you like.

How many users can use Corporate Mobile Bank at the same time?

Like Corporate Classic Netbank, also Mobile Bank has been designed in such a way that only one user from one device can be logged in at a time. We do not recommend simultaneous use from several devices. In addition, each user must have his or her own access codes.

Can I use the personal customer's Mobile Bank and Corporate Mobile Bank with the same phone? How can I tell the apps apart?

The personal customer's Mobile Bank and Corporate Mobile Bank have been designed to work in the same phone. Users can tell them apart from the different app icons. The Corporate Mobile Bank's icon has Nordea's logo and the text Yrityspankki.

Is it safe to use Mobile Bank?

The use of all Nordea's electronic channels is always safe. We continuously monitor global developments in the information security of electronic channels and develop our own solutions based on them. Smart phones and tablets have a limited and closed environment. A limited protection environment may not be rooted or jailbroken and we recommend that you only install apps from official and reliable app stores.

How do I use my mobile device safely?

You should keep in mind at least the following points:

  • Install apps only from reliable sources.
  • Use only a wireless network you can trust. In some cases, information has been gathered from devices with unreliable networks.
  • Update the operating system and apps at regular intervals. Updates include new security features and functions, and also improve usability.
  • Do not root or jailbreak the protection environment of your device in order to install apps of your own. Rooting and jailbreaking will remove the general protection from the device.
  • Install an anti-virus program in your mobile device whenever possible.

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