Applying for cards

Applying for a corporate card

The application procedure varies from card to card.

To apply for a card you need a written decision of the board or other organ of your company deciding on borrowing (an extract of the minutes of a board meeting), stating the persons two whom cards are applied for. The person authorised for card use must also have a right to use the company's account linked to the card.

Nordea Business MasterCard: Please deliver your Nordea Business MasterCard application to the Nordea branch that your company uses.

Yrityskortit Yrityskortit

Business Visa Debit

International card to access your company’s account

With Business Visa Debit you can access your company’s bank account everywhere in the world.

Nordea Business MasterCard

An interest-free payment period of about 30 days

With Nordea Business MasterCard you have always cash at your disposal up to the usage limit selected by your company.

First Card

Number one corporate card - charge card and travel account combined

The flexible First Card services save time and money.

Advice on corporate cards

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Make secure online payments

MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa are services that enhance the security of online payments.

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If you lose your card

If you lose your card report the incident immediately to the Finnish banks’ blocking service at +358 20 333.