Corporate Current Account

Corporate Current Account is a company's basic account which can be complemented with credit limit and payment services necessary for managing everyday finances. The account can also be used as the master account and transaction account of the Group Account Service.

Corporate Current Account Terms and conditions Corporate Current Account

Benefits of a Corporate Current Account to your company

  • Funds are at the customer's disposal at any time, no withdrawal restrictions.
  • The account can be complemented with all payment services.
  • An optional credit limit helps to balance payments.
  • Netbank is the most efficient and cost-effective way for companies to take care of their payments.
  • The deposit balance provides a yield that is tied to a market rate on the company’s surplus funds. The more funds you have on the account, the bigger the effective interest income is.
  • You can also use the account for cross-border payments.
Terms and conditions

See General payment account terms and conditions (pdf, 176 KB)Opens new window See General payment account term and conditions

Advice on accounts and monitoring of transactions

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International Bank Account Number and Bank Identifier Code.

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Opening an account

Opening a bank account for your business is easy when you have the required documents with you in Finnish, Swedish or English.