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InterestExtra account now on sale - interest 0.20%

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Time Deposit Account

Invest securely in a Time Deposit Account

The deposit interest is agreed separately for each account. Interest is determined by the deposit period and amount. You can freely decide what the fixed deposit period will be.

Fixed-term Foreign Currency Account

You can open an account in all common foreign currencies used outside the euro area.

The interest and deposit period will be determined when you open the account. In addition to the interest on the account, the final return will depend on the exchange rate profit or loss of the account currency.

Entrepreneur's PerkAccount

Higher interest with Entrepreneur's PerkAccount

Open a savings account in addition to your payment account. You are free to make additional deposits. There are no restrictions on withdrawals until 31 December 2016.

InvestmentDeposit account

The product is not sale.

The InvestmentDeposit account is a time deposit account. Its return consists of a deposit interest and a possible additional interest.

Advice on investment accounts

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Opening an account

Opening a bank account for your business is easy when you have the required documents with you in Finnish, Swedish or English.