Using A1-finance is the easiest way to sell a car. Active selling of financing will improve your business result and make your customer more committed to doing business with you. In addition to the actual financing, you will be given tools for sales planning and customer relationship management.

A1-finance Features A1-finance

A1-finance includes a wide range of car-related services.

Autotori at site is a meeting place for sellers and buyers – a forum where companies can present cars currently on sale.

Your benefits

  • Most comprehensive financial services on the market
  • Quick and easy credit decisions
  • Fast financing
  • Tools for sales planning and customer relationship management
  • Sales support material and required training
  • Contact person at Nordea Finance

A1 finance is a user-friendly alternative suitable for financing new and used vehicles that require registration, such as cars, boats, motor homes or caravans.

  • You can apply for A1 finance upon closing the deal
  • The applicant can be a consumer or a company
  • Quick credit decisions through the online service
  • The customer gets the product, financing and insurance conveniently from one point of entry

Advice for sales finance

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New vendor partner

You can influence the customer's decision to buy when you offer financing in a sales situation.