The cash flow tells about profitability

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Your business’ finances  are affected by large and small events every day. Here are some good tips on what you can do to run your business more efficiently, regardless on what is going on in the world. We also offer advice and services for your business for invoicing, risk management, cash flow management and more. Our advisers understand your business and can meet your unique needs in every step of the business cycle. 

Learn more about how we can help you with your cash flow

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How to handle cash flow challenges

Get in control

Cash flow problems can result in difficulties paying bills, suppliers and staff or turn a short term credit into a permanent debt. If problems goes on for too long it is very difficult to turn things around. Here are some examples of cash flow challenges and suggestions for how to handle them.

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Budgets and cash buffer




Check your budgets regularly and set aside a cash buffer to give your business better chances to succeed.  Learn what budgets to create and how to get the most out of them and find out what to consider when calculating your need for a cash buffer.

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Working capital management can drive the share price

Nordea’s new report, “Going to work on working capital”, makes a powerful case that better working capital management can drive the share price — and that puts it firmly on the board-level agenda.

If you find yourself in the elevator with the CEO, here’s what to say.

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A €65 billion wake-up call for Nordic businesses

There’s no ignoring it: Nordic businesses are lagging behind in working capital performance.

Our latest study looked at 184 public Nordic companies. These companies are generally considered to be well managed. Yet the median company in this group ties up 36% more net working capital (NWC) than the median company in the rest of Europe..

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Services to support you

Find the solutions you need to improve your business. We have a wide selection of products and services available. If you would like advise and to get help to find the best solutions for your business, please contact Nordea Business Centre, 0200 26262.

Here are some examples of services we offer:

  • Factoring can help you get paid immediately.
  • Leasing instead of owning can boost liquidity.
  • E-invoicing makes it easier both for you and your customers.
  • Accept cards and mobile payments and get paid instantly.
  • Buy stuff with a corporate card. Saves time, gives control.
  • Use file services instead of handling payments one by one.
  • Let us help you find solutions to secure exchange rates for payments.
  • Guarantees can reduce counterpart risk.
  • Documentary credits can secure export/ import activities.
  • Currency accounts help you deal with recurring international transactions.
  • Factoring can reduce your risks within domestic and international trade.