Organisations and associations

We provide organisations and associations with comprehensive banking services to meet their payment, investment and financing needs. Here you can find Nordea's contact information you need when banking for a local association.

Benefits for organisations and accociations Local accociations and clubs Benefits for organisations and accociations

Tailored services to meet customers' needs

Nordea has a long history as a bank favoured by associations and we are familiar with their operating environment and special characteristics. The tasks of organisations and associations can be very different depending on their size and purpose. They may be a small club for enthusiasts of a particular topic or a large organisation providing training, events or lobbying which means that their banking needs are quite different, too.

Usually, you can get started with accounts, Netbank and cards and then you might add cash supply services, acceptance of card payments and possibly even the services related to payments at online stores. We always tailor the services to meet the needs of the association.

Nordea's services for organisations and associations are organised according to the scope of their activities. This way we aim to ensure a high-quality solution which fulfils their needs.

  • Nordea's bank for organisations specialises in nationwide organisations
  • Local organisations and associations will bank at their local branch.
Local accociations and clubs

Your local Nordea branch is at your service

When your association, organisation or club operates locally, it is a good idea to do your banking locally, too.  Please contact your local branch or Nordea Contact Centre 0200 2121. 

Choose services according to the needs of your association. Among the most important ones are well-functioning payment services

Associations may also use our financing, investment and risk management services.

At the service of nationwide organisations

At Nordea's bank for organisations, all customers are given a dedicated contact person. The contact person ensures that the organisation's banking runs smoothly via various channels.

The contact person

  • puts together a service team of Nordea's specialists for the organisation
  • is in charge of all the organisation's services at the bank
  • organises customer events where the organisation's representatives have the opportunity to network with other organisations.

Nordea's bank for organisations in Vallila, Helsinki, is open by appointment only. Please find our contact details below.

Telephone: 0207 247170 or 0207 247167

E-mail: if.aedron@ikknapotsejraj

Visiting address: Aleksis Kiven katu 3-5

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