Starting a business

Are you thinking about starting a business? Nordea will provide you with all the banking and insurance services you need.

Planning to become an entrepeneur? Starting a business Nordea as a partner E-start-up package for companies Planning to become an entrepeneur?

Start with your business idea

Think about and write down at least the following:

  • What will your company do, what is its purpose?
  • Who will your customers be and how will you reach them?
  • Who will be your main competitors and what gives your company a competitive edge?
  • How will you price your services and where will your sales margin come from?
  • How much will it cost to start operations?

These are part of a sound business plan which creates a good foundation for a successful business.

Bring your plan with you when you come to see us.

Starting a business

Starting a business

When you have refined your business idea and your business plan is complete, it is time to turn your plans into reality.

The easiest way to start a business is through the Perustayritys.fiOpens new window website (Start a business).

The site will provide you with guidance in creating the necessary paperwork and it will transmit your contact request and documents directly to Nordea.

We will then contact you and set up a meeting.

Nordea as a partner

Nordea as a partner to entrepreneurs

Choose Nordea as your partner from the very beginning. We will provide you with all the necessary banking and insurance solutions. As your business develops, we will update your services to meet your needs.

We will be happy to take care of the banking of you and your family, too.

E-start-up package for companies

E-start-up package for companies 

The E-start-up package for companies includes the essential banking services for a start-up business at a fixed monthly price*. The flexible and efficient account and payment services included in the package allow you to manage your business’s daily banking and payments affordably and with no hassle. This allows you as an entrepreneur to fully concentrate on your business.

Corporate Current Account  

The Corporate Current Account is a versatile payment account for managing your businesses’ daily transactions. A credit facility can also be attached to the account to make it easier to manage seasonal fluctuations in your company’s liquidity.

Business Visa Debit

The card is a payment card that functions like a bank card without a credit facility. Card purchases and cash withdrawals are always debited from the bank account linked to the card. You can use your card to pay at stores in Finland and abroad and online stores that carry the Visa symbol. Cash withdrawals can be made at all ATMs in Finland and at Visa ATMs abroad.

Corporate Netbank

Corporate Netbank is a real-time service channel for managing your company’s banking.  The service is available 24/7, enabling you to handle your banking when it best suits you. You will have access to comprehensive payment services via a single channel – safely. In Netbank you can view the balance and transactions of your account. Account statements are also available to you via Netbank for your book-keeping.


You can use the e-invoice for fast and easy billing of your customers directly from your Netbank. This environmentally-friendly, easy and cost-efficient means of billing also ensures that you can reach all your customers, whether they are personal or corporate customers of Nordea or another bank.

* You can get more detailed price and content information on the E-start-up package for companies by contacting a Nordea branch or Nordea Business Centre.


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Business entity types

Your chosen business entity type has an impact on how the company is run.

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You can become an entrepreneur with a smaller risk and get to benefit from a well-known brand. There are also certain duties attached to a franchise.