Buying a company

You do not always have to start from scratch. You can become an entrepreneur also by buying an already established company or its business. There are thousands of entrepreneurs nearing or over the retirement age in Finland.

Benefits of buying a company Expert advice Benefits of buying a company

Tried and tested operations

The benefits of buying an established company include:

  • tried and tested operations
  • it is easier to assess the opportunity to succeed compared to when founding a new company
  • you can get support from the outgoing entrepreneur
  • you can include a transition period in the sales terms which will secure the continuity of operations during a change of ownership
Expert advice

Expert advice for buyouts

You should always use an expert in a buyout, because for example:

  • risk assessment
  • determining sales terms and
  • estimating the price are complicated issues.

Finnish Company Acquisition LtdOpens new window is our partner in company buyouts. It is the largest company in Finland specialising in the change of ownership of SMEs and their services cover all the phases of a company acquisition.


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Business entity types

Your chosen business entity type has an impact on how the company is run.

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You can become an entrepreneur with a smaller risk and get to benefit from a well-known brand. There are also certain duties attached to a franchise.