Become a Preferred Entrepreneur

When your company does all its banking at Nordea, you get the status of a Preferred Entrepreneur and a contact person will be assigned to you. Your dedicated contact person will attend to all your banking, including your family and business.

Preferred Enterepreneurs benefit Who is a Preferred Entrepreneur? Dedicated contact person Preferred Enterepreneurs benefit

Nordea's corporate customer programme

Entrepreneurs' and their company's finances may be intertwined. As our Preferred Entrepreneur, you can do your banking with an assigned contact person who knows your business operations. During the one and the same visit to your Nordea branch, you can also do your own, your family's and your company's banking in one go. This will make your everyday routines easier.

Preferred entrepreneurs who do all their banking at Nordea get to enjoy the benefits of Nordea's Key or Premium Banking customer relationship.

Your benefits:

  • Your assigned contact person ensures at regular intervals that your banking is easy and flexible
  • You and your family will get the same benefits as our Key or Premium Banking customers

Your company will get

  • A new Business MasterCard for free for a year
  • Corporate FlexiCredit once without an opening fee 
  • Subscription for any Nordea fund once without a subscription fee
  • Our e-Markets service free of charge where you can check interest and exchange rates and up-to-date market data
  • Our Nordea News magazine aimed at corporate customers four times a year

Read also about the Key Customer's ori Premium Banking customer's benefits.

Who is a Preferred Entrepreneur?

You become a Preferred Entrepreneur

  • when your primary source of income is your own company
  • your company's service needs require regular contacts with an assigned contact person
  •  when you do all your corporate banking at Nordea.

You get the most out of being a Preferred Entrepreneur when you do all your corporate and personal banking at Nordea.

Dedicated contact person

Paula, Corporate Banking Adviser, tells us about her job:

Hi, I am a Corporate Banking Adviser, and in my job, I meet customers every day.

Like many other specialists working in the service sector, I always make an appointment for a customer to come and see me.

Some appointments are made on the customer's initiative and in some cases, I am first in contact with the customer. I ask how they are doing and make sure that all their banking is running smoothly. Sometimes I notice a need or a new opportunity which makes me contact the customer.

Generally, I try to meet my customers at least once a year. I see some of my customers more often if necessary. Meetings usually take place at our branch, but if customers wish, I am happy to visit them on their premises as well.

If I was asked what I enjoy most in my job, I would have to say my customers!
I enjoy meeting different kinds of people and, together with them, plan them the best overall solution - both for the company and the individual.

Paula talks to us about services for companies

When I meet a customer, we go through all of his or her company's banking: payments, accounts, financing, investments and insurance. We talk about what they want and need. I also take the opportunity to tell them what Nordea has to offer.

I think that it is my job to tell them about all our services and customers then decide which services are suitable for them.

In addition, I check that they do not have any services they do not need or are not using. This way they avoid unnecessary service charges.

In more demanding cases, I have the support of the entire Nordea specialist network at my disposal.

Paula also attends to the entrepreneur's personal banking

As a Corporate Banking Adviser, I also take care of the personal banking of entrepreneurs and their families.

This has proved to be an excellent solution because all the customer's banking is being attended to by one person and the customer does not need to tell his story over and over again to different bank employees.

That is a definite benefit both for us at the bank and for the customer because we all get to know each other better.


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Business entity types

Your chosen business entity type has an impact on how the company is run.

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You can become an entrepreneur with a smaller risk and get to benefit from a well-known brand. There are also certain duties attached to a franchise.