The World of Advertising

We have listed the ones that marketing experts usually recommend for small businesses with limited marketing budgets. Read through the list to get an idea about where and how to make your advertising happen.

Social media

  • Offers a vast amount of marketing possibilities
  • Enables targeted communication at your primary segment/target group
  • Allows you to have a company page/profile
  • Let’s you handle all communication yourself
  • Make way for 1:1 dialogue with customers
  • Easy to track reach and popularity among target group
  • Reach wider audience via several platforms with one post


  • If your target group are grown-ups this is good platform
  • You can use Messenger for 1:1 customer service
  • Suitable for launching competitions/promotions


  • If you like to produce videos, start a YouTube channel
  • Especially millennials are heavy users of YouTube content.
  • Perfect platform if your product or service needs manuals.


  • Perfect platform if your company, product or service is very visual.
  • Using #’s will help you focus and track your communication reach.
  • Will cover most ages, sexes and markets.


  • If your target group is mainly women this is the perfect platform.
  • Great for e-commerce or businesses related to food or design.
  • This platform is primarily focused on visual content – not video.


  • Perfect if your company, product or service is aimed at millennials
  • Excellent for snappy, quirky and funny promotion posts
  • May be used to generate traffic to a webshop, café, store, etc.


  • LinkedIn is more than talent attraction. The platform can drive traffic to your website.
  • On the LinkedIn Company page you can promote your product or service and attract followers.
  • Groups, targeted blogs and networks can help you drive engagement and start conversations around your business.


  • Great if your product is targeted at a young audience who spends hours each day following their favorite influencer on YouTube and Instagram.
  • Top influencers cost money – agree on a paying model beforehand.
  • People who are already fans of your product are more easily activated to recommend your product in exchange for discounts or product gifts. 

Digital media

  • A more limited amount of marketing possibilities.
  • Allows you to brand your company, product or service.
  • Might require the help of professionals to create communication.
  • Make way for targeted mass communication
  • Easy to track reach among target group
  • Use posts on social media platforms to generate traffic
  • Enables targeted communication at people with related interests


  • Begin writing blog posts about themes related to your business
  • Use tags (trending topics/words) to pop-up in search results
  • Promote your blog posts on your social media platforms

Google ads

  • Not a cheap way to advertise, but very efficient and focused
  • Not expensive to produce – mostly plain text
  • Easy to tweak your promotion messages to fit your targets


  • Create a newsletter to customers and potential customers
  • Use emails to promote other products or services or offers
  • Be personal, relevant and consider the mail frequency, so you don’t spam your customers


  • A great design is worth investing in – people judge your appearance
  • There’s no guarantee that customers will visit your website
  • Use social media to drag people to your site
  • This is your virtual store front – make sure to be open

Public promotion

  • A good way to create content for your digital/social media platforms
  • Allows you to brand your company, product or service
  • Might require the help of professionals to create sufficient attention
  • Make way for local and national communication
  • Easy to get lost in the daily media noise – so plan carefully
  • Use social media platforms before, during and after promotion stunt
  • Enables you to tell a bigger story about your company, product or service

Trade shows

  • A possibility to promote the prototype of your product/service
  • A good way to take a closer look at your competitors
  • An opportunity to meet and engage with potential customers


  • Needs a lot of planning and preparation – think out of the box
  • Can be a way to create hype about your company/product
  • Timing is key – so make sure to catch your event on camera


  • Useful when you want to catch the attention of the media
  • Can be useful if you want to attract investors or business partners
  • Relevant when entering a new market or opening in a new city

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