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Meet the 5 companies and entrepreneurs featured in the start my business guide.

Pekka Koskinen, Leadfeeder

A lead generation web app built on top of Google Analytics with features to increase sales intelligence. Founded in 2012 with main base in Helsinki and teams in 5 countries. The seeds for this idea were sown years ago, when Pekka helped his father to find new leads for his business and built a tool, which was later sold to a big telecoms company. 

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Sonni Christine Jakobsen, minvoice

MInvoice is a service platform that gathers all your service providers as a consumer. You can receive all your invoices and pay and have direct communication with service providers. You can also receive specific offers and information from your regular service providers regardless of you bank relationship or residential address anytime, anywhere. MInvoice was founded in 2016.

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Christian Bowall, Frankly Juice

Organic, cold-pressed fruit juices without sugar or other additives. Founded in 2014 by Christian and a colleague he worked with at a juice bar, where they got a taste for healthy alternatives to soft drinks and coffee. Frankly Juice has its own production facilities in Copenhagen and is primarily a B2B company selling to canteens, restaurants and cafés. 

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Jankeh Nije Jamanca, Jarga Designs

Norwegian clothing line made from unique, printed fabrics, which are produced by the company itself. The style is a mix of Scandinavian and African inspired by the designer and founder’s own Gambian roots. The company was founded in 2013 and their first collection sold out and money was donated to The Federation Of The Disabled in The Gambia.

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Erik Åkerfeldt, Znipe

Customized esport streaming platform established in 2016 in Stockholm. It grew from the two founders’ dream of revolutionizing the way sport fans watch and follow esports. Erik is one of the founders and leads the technical development and technical strategy of the company.

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