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Whether you need to overcome initial challenges or want to take your business to the next level, we have some valuable resources and initiatives, which are only offered by Nordea.

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Nordea Trade Portal has all you need to expand your business to new markets or segments. You will find valuable reports, country and industry specific information, calculators, trade shows, public and private tenders and much more. All this is gathered at the same place and it is for free. Follow your international ambitions and get access to our portal.

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As a Nordea customer, we offer you to become a part of the global business network - the Nordea Trade Club. The club consists of corporate customers from other banks representing different parts of the world. It is a focused environment that will give your company access to more than 15,000 trusted companies abroad. Nordea is the only bank in the Nordics offering this exclusive service and it is free of charge. Join the club and get connected.

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