International operations

You should plan the launch of your company's international operations carefully so that your efforts will not go to waste. What you need is realistic thinking and good partners. Come and share your plans with us so that we can guarantee you excellent banking services also on the international arena.

International companies need an international bank

Nordea is an international bank that operates in several countries. International companies get the services they need flexibly from one place: their own branch. Your own branch will go through the new service needs of your company and is able to utilise the entire group's network for the good of your company.

In addition, it is a good idea for companies to use the competence available at FinproOpens new window och FinnveraOpens new window to help evaluate and develop their launch of international operations.

Security and smoothly running payments important in foreign trade

Companies launching international operations need many new services. Foreign trade includes new payment methods and various risks, and payments are often made in a different currency so there is a need to minimise exchange rate risks. Nordea can meet all these needs.

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