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we.trade enables digitalisation of trade processes leading to transparency, easy administration and lower costs. It speeds up the overall process from order to payment, and provides an easy access to banking services. You get your goods. You get your money. You get going.

Making trade simple, safe and transparent

The digital age, the globalized world - it’s certainly a dream come true for new companies as well as established businesses to do trade transactions. With we.trade, you have access to customers and suppliers around the globe. International payment options and numerous parcel services  are close at hand. We.trade enables businesses in all sizes to digitalise their trading process, track trades in the supply chain and reduce the risks of late payments. Through the easy to use platform businesses can initiate, execute and follow-up their trades with trusted trading partners. In addition, they can access affordable financing services giving businesses access to cash that would otherwise be tied up to the trade.  

With we.trade businesses can save time, feel more secure and increase their competitiveness.

Nordea is a founding partner of we.trade, which is a trading platform with a rock solid backbone of 10+ leading European banks.

We.trade helps you

  • Save time
  • Do business safely and securely
  • Increase your competitiveness

Know – to trust

Knowledge is power and reduces the uncertainty. With we.trade businesses can increase understanding of the markets they operate, find trusted trading partners and use digital agreements creating transparency and legal security. 

Payments on time

Automatic and on-time settlement of payments help businesses to avoid late payments, and reduce unnecessary costs eating your margins. We.trade help also to improve their cashflow; Buyers are able to avoid making a pre-payment, and Sellers can extend payment terms with no negative liquidity implications.

Trading made easy

The time-consuming manual processes and paper documents will be changed to fully digital trading experience. With we.trade businesses can manage the trade from contract initiation to agreed deal, and seamlessly follow-up the delivery. 

we.trade makes you easy to deal with

we.trade connects you and your potential business partners through an online platform. Once you’re connected, we.trade serves as a trading platform that makes the paperwork as easy as ever - for instance through generic digital contracts and other manageable forms - and that helps you keep track of your orders and contracts.

Your payment is secured by the partner banks. If the unlikely situation occurs that a company doesn’t pay your invoice, you get your money anyway. We’ll handle the legal aftermath - you don’t need to worry about it. 

All companies that commit themselves to we.trade are verified and must be customer in one of we.trade’s partnering banks to sign-up. Thus, the companies you meet on we.trade are real, trustworthy, and come in peace. And so will you be perceived too.

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The technology and people behind we.trade

It’s all about security. Consequently, we.trade is based on blockchain technology which is considered the world’s most sophisticated and secure way of transporting data between multiple stakeholders and users.

we.trade was founded in 2017 by a consortium of leading European banks such as Deutsche Bank, HSBC, and Rabobank  . Their ambition was - and still is - to support SMEs’ ability to trade seamlessly across borders. The we.trade online platform was launched in late 2018 and already has more than 10 partnering European banks incl. Nordea. And more to come.

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