Nordea x Invesdor Crowdfunding

Unique crowdfunding collaboration to enable growth

Benefit from the two front runners in the Nordic equity space

Nordea, the largest bank in the Nordics and Invesdor, award-winning fintech company and leader in digital fundraising have created a unique opportunity for Nordea’s growth companies. This is what we offer you:

  • Crowdfunding round organised by Invesdor, including crystallisation of the investor story and investor material, legal documents and a tailored marketing campaign.  
  • Nordea offers advisory and sparring in all finance related aspects for the growth company, possible conditional credit decision or loan deferment triggered by successful fundraising on Invesdor's platform.
  • Joint marketing efforts for the growth company during the campaign period.


Crowdfunding means that private persons participate in the funding of your company via an online platform and receive shares of your company in return. Crowdfunding suits both start-ups and more established companies wanting to expand their ownership base.


A crowdfunding campaign will make it possible for your company to approach a large number of potential financiers at the same time. Many modern investors also want to invest in companies for value-related reasons, or to participate in projects livening up the locality they come from. With Nordea's financing expertise and the crowdfunding arranged by Invesdor, we bring together the companies looking for financing with the right kind of investors.

Invesdor in brief

Invesdor is a financial technology company (fintech) established in Helsinki in 2012. Its goal is to make participation in growth finance easy and fair for everyone. It operates an online investment platform that connects ambitious European growth companies with investors worldwide. The company has arranged over 130 successful financing rounds on the platform and it is used by over 40,000 investors from more than 80 countries. 

Invesdor’s customer base includes both listed and unlisted companies from Finland, Sweden, the UK, Norway and Denmark. Invesdor has offices in Helsinki and Stockholm.


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Nordea and Invesdor have launched a co-operation model to assist Nordea’s Startup & Growth segment customers in accessing relevant funding options and channels. Nordea may provide these customer with a conditional credit decision that is subject to, e.g. equity funding being successfully raised through Invesdor’s platform. The loan granted by Nordea may be drawn  in accordance with its terms, if the agreed minimum amount of equity is raised and respective notice to Trade Register is made. Details of the possible loan arrangement can be found on the campaign specific page. Nordea is not arranging any securities offering or distributing any securities in relation to this service. Nordea is not giving any investment advice or recommendation to invest in relation to this service.