Equities are suitable as part of a diversified portfolio, in which the investment is distributed over a number of assets, minimising the investment's risk. Investing in equities requires you to keep track of the companies that have issued the equities, as well as of the general market conditions.

If you want to trade in shares, you must be willing to follow up companies and the market, as strong fluctuation in prices is typical of shares. Netbank trading services provide you topical information in a convenient manner.

  • Trading and monitoring your assets and the markets in Netbank are effortless, as all information is available in the same place.
  • In Netbank you can trade in over 2,500 share types and in over 20 market places. You can trade in Europe and North America on the largest stock exchanges.



You can invest in equities

  1. by buying the shares of a company directly on the stock exchange or
  2. indirectly by investing in equity and balanced funds or in investment bonds.

In addition, you can invest in equities by subscribing for shares in share issues or share sales where the present owners of the company sell part of their holdings to new investors.

The shares are in the form of book-entries and you will need a book-entry account  for them. The book-entry account will be opened in the bank. After your trades have been completed you will receive a calculation to help you to settle capital gains or losses in taxation.

In order to be able to trade, you will need the Investor's service in addition to the book-entry account. With the service you can submit buy and sell orders and monitor their status and the value of your investments.

Risk and return

Conveniently in Nordea Investor

With Nordea Investor you can follow up on the markets and your investments whenever and wherever you like.

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Trading in Netbank

Trading in Netbank

Trading in equities is easy through Netbank

With the Investor's service in Netbank you can send buy and sell orders to the stock market and monitor their status and the value of your investments. In the service you will also have access to up-to-date information services, analyses and buy recommendations.

You can trade in over 20 different marketplaces and in more than 2,500 different equities. Trading in international equities is just as easy as trading in domestic ones: you can issue orders the same way.

Equities come as book-entries

An equity investor must open a book-entry account with the bank. Once a trade has been completed, the investor will be provided with a calculation of the trade, which is used to settle capital gains or losses in taxation.