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Registered association (Ry) and local foundations

We offer flexible service to smaller registered associations over the phone and in online meetings.

Banking for registered association customers

You can book a time for a phone meeting or online meeting by calling Nordea Business Centre. If you are setting up a customer relationship for a new association, the representative has to have some Finnish bank's personal bank ID's so that we can identify the representative.

According to the law, banks must identify and know their customers. For this reason, send the following documents via Nordea Omaposti at least one day before the meeting:

  • An up-to-date excerpt from the register of associations (it needs to be up-to-date before the meeting)

  • The rules of the association if they have not been provided before or if there have been changes to them

  • The following information about the board members 

    • Full name

    • Date of birth

    • Personal identity code if the member is authorised to sign for the association

    • Citizenship, country of residence and country of birth

    • If the board member a politically exposed person (PEP), a family member of a politically exposed person and/or someone who is known to be a close business associate of politically exposed persons

  • The minutes of the annual meeting if needed (signed), to identify board members 
  • The identified and signed minutes of the Board of Directors

    • The minutes or the excerpt from the minutes has to be identified, in other words it must indicate, for example, to whom (name and personal identity code) the right to use the account is granted (the account number must be stated) and which banking services are opened or activated
    • The minutes should also state that the person in question is authorised to make the changes by themselves.

Nordea Business Centre at your service!

We offer flexible service to smaller registered associations over the phone and in online meetings. The banking matters of an association are always handled by appointment, apart from closing the association’s account and services, which can be done by calling Nordea Business Centre. For help in managing the matters of local organisations, associations or foundations, call 0200 26262. We have together with our customers planned two new packages suited for different needs to make the daily routines of associations easier. By choosing the package that is the right fit for your association, you get to concentrate on what really matters – running your association. If your association’s needs change, it is easy to switch to the other package. 

Read more about Nordea Business Start and Plus packages here. 

You can choose the service package according to your association’s needs. Among the most important ones are well-functioning payment services:

  • Connection to the bank, Netbank, for example
  • Account and monitoring of its transactions, invoicing and payments
  • Cards (Business Visa Debit card requires a right to use the account)
  • Processing of cash and card payments
  • Associations may also use our financing, investment and risk management services.

Opening an account for an unregistered association

  • The services are opened in the name of the person who is chosen to be responsible for the account.
  • You can open an account and services by calling Nordea Customer Service at 0200 70 000.

Please note: An association that is not in the Register of Associations cannot obtain any rights or make agreements. It is not a legal entity and therefore cannot act in its own name. Those who act or make decisions on behalf of an unregistered association are personally and jointly liable for any obligations arising from those actions. Other members of the association are not liable for such obligations. An unregistered association may not own property in its name.