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Visualisations of historical forex data can be helpful when analysing and forecasting forex cash flows. Nordea's AutoFX IQ is an advisory service that provides visibility and concrete recommendations in your FX actions, enabling you to develop powerful forex strategies.

Analyse and forecast your FX cashflows for smarter decision-making

AutoFX IQ is Nordea's recently launched FX advisory service that simplifies monitoring and visualisation of your forex cash flow information, as well as your trading and hedging policies. AutoFX IQ can fetch and visually present handpicked data from historical and future cash flows for analysis and forecasting, helping you with decision-making when evaluating and developing your trading plan and strategy.

How does AutoFX IQ work?

Make data-driven decisions

AutoFX IQ is a web interface for analysing and visualising your trading policy by generating data from both historical and forecasted cash flows. AutoFX IQ also provides visualisations for monitoring the projected impacts of your chosen FX trading strategies.  

AutoFX IQ monitoring interface can be used to fetch your cash flow history per payment, per account, per currency, or per counterpart. The software is able to distinguish between FX cash flows, cash flows from operations, interest payments and other cash flows.  

AutoFX IQ dashboard is useful for forecasting and visually presenting future cash flows. The data includes gross and net amounts, netting opportunities and achieved netting percentages, as well as hedging horizon and hedging percentage data. The visualisations enable you to examine your growth rates, seasonality, operational uncertainty and FX uncertainty per currency. Analyzing and monitoring how your chosen trading or hedging policy impacts your currency trading is straight-forward through the visualisations provided by the AutoFX IQ interface. It enables you to plan and adjust your foreign currency trading policies based on historical and projected data.


You can access the AutoFX IQ advisory service through your Nordea AutoFX specialists. 

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